And so it begins...

To blog or not to blog? Oh heck why not...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Took the girlie and one of her friends to the waterpark today.  It's HOT here in NJ but there was actually a pleasant breeze today and it wasn't as HUMID as it has been.  We (my daughter & I) get season passes and usually start going to the waterpark in June her birthday is the 2nd and I usually let her take some friends there in lieu of a party at home.  This year today was our first visit.  It just hasn't been the right time I guess. But we did have a nice time even though I spent most of it by myself while they were off doing the slides and wave pool.  But that was fine with me I had a book I just started reading...Historical Romance...(these are my favorites and I used to read like 4 or 5 books a week! Now I'm lucky if I read 4 or 5 a year ...loss of concentration is a symptom that goes along with the "void" in my life!)...Julia Quinn's new book... Ten Things I Love about You and a chair right in the front row so when I got too hot i could just hop up and get wet and then sit back down! 

I worked a little more on my altered clipboard yesterday.  It is coming along nicely almost done just need to find a pic for it and maybe add a little stickles here and there!  I also helped my daughter make a card for her girlfriend last night.  She will be going to her Sweet 16 (mardi gras theme) this Friday and has been bitten by my "card making" bug!  It's so much fun drawing out her creativeness! Lets see what else have I done...colored a couple of pictures for my niece and  They are 4 (twins) and my niece sent me a picture she colored me in the mail.  So when I called to thank her for the beautiful picture she asked me to color one for her!  And of course if I bring one for her I have to bring one for her brother! 

Well that's a quick update on me for now.  More soon! 

Monday, July 19, 2010

Still trying to get the hang of this...

Well I am still trying to get the hang of this "blog" writing thing. Had a nice weekend. Didn't do much just hung around at home. Did a little crocheting of flowers and butterflies got the patterns from  here
and here . I added a little twist to the flower and made it have two rows of petals and got the thumbs up from my daughter so it must look Also, I had altered a clipboard and added some flowers and bling to it last night. Not sure if I am done with it yet I am thinking of adding a few ribbons and maybe a butterfly or two. Well that is all for now I am going to see if my links worked on this... :o)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

And so it begins...

I am new to this whole "blog" thing. Well as a doer. I have been reading random blogs for quite a while.

I have been bitten by the craft bug once again in my life. What brought this on? I'm not sure I have been searching for something to fill a void in my life for a few years now. I haven't been the same since I lost my mother at the way to young age of 61 that was in Dec 2007. My daughter is now well into her teens (15) and doesn't need me as much anymore and once she drives in 2 years will need me even less! *sigh*

So Anywayyyyy... I have decided that even though I have been "collecting" scrapbook supplies for years and only made 3, that it's ok (I have been blaming in on not having any "work" space) it's not a lost cause! I am going to scrapbook my photos and memories. I love taking pictures of my "people" and am very rarely found without my camera at a function or gathering or party or trip to the beach. I am going to make cards since I usually have to run out and pick up a card before a party anyway I can just make one at home so much easier! I am going to crochet a blanket for my daughter who felt a little neglected (she is so NOT) when she found out I made one for my girlfriend's daughter when she was born, you know when I was single and didn't have a child of my own and everyone was having boys (who I LOVE) but she was the first girl! I also painted her a piggy bank, cross stitched her a pillow (counted NOT stamped) and probably a few other things that aren't around SO I will crochet my girlie a blanket she can keep forever...she is the apple of my eye, the love of my life, my most important reason for being. What else will I do? I will use the patterns I have had for well over a year and make those handbags I knew we would love and well probably anything else that catches my eye... Oh yes I forgot I have been making jewelry! Well making bracelets and anklets and watch bands. Of course this started out of not only randomness but ,also, necessity I am a "Fluffy" girl and it is down right difficult to find cute things that fit the fluffiness of me. :o) Now you understand a little of the randomness of my craftiness. I can't walk into the craft store without wanting to do a millions things! Take cake decorating classes, Make a flower arrangement, do crafts with the kiddies, tie dye a shirt! I am overwhelmed by it all. So now I will blog about it...share a picture or two or And who knows maybe if I work hard enough I will decide to go to those crafts fairs and sell my wares or maybe sell some "handmade by" things here online... The Possibilities are Endless... My mother would encourage me if she were still here with us. She would tell me to do it! try it! you'll love it! So maybe with my little angel on my shoulder (my mom) I will do it, try it, love it! What do you think? Should I?