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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wow talk about random! But that's just me! ;o)

Apparently I'm not a very good blogger.  I don't have any followers so I am not very diligent about writing all the time!  But then I think oh but why would anyone want to follow if they stop by and there are no posts?! So here I am catching up on what I've been working on.  Took pictures of two layouts I made! I am still working on how to photograph my crafts and pages.  Today is my daughters first day of school.  She is a SOPHMORE this year!  Getting too big in my opinion *sigh*.  I feel like it wasn't that long ago that I was a sophmore but in reality it was 30 years ago.  30 years? Can that be right?  But alas it  Ok well here are some pics of a few things I have finished.  I made a card for the girlie on her first day today.  Two layouts of some pics i liked which just happened to  be from the same year. I drew two pictures one for my niece and one for my nephew.  The felt pig i am going to put on a bracelet for my niece. I googled felt pig and copied one of the ones I found so it totally is not my design!  The card with the sun my daughter made for her boyfriend's dad.  I love watching her create! The felt owl is a ponytail holder i made my niece has decided it should be a bracelet! She is so cute! I do that a lot if the kids say ..."can you draw a (fill in the blank) I just google it and do the best I can with something i find! I have been making a few cute things like head bands and crocheting flowers I don't have pictures of everything yet!  Ok so here is my stuff....well at least the pics i remembered to take! If you stop by please leave a comment!


  1. Love love love the piglet! Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! ;-)