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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Well well look who just posted a blog...yep me!

Wow I haven't blogged in eons.  Feeling like I miss it but who knows if I have the drive and commitment to keep up. Only time will tell.  I am in a crochet mode right now.  I have 4 projects started and a few requests and other projects that I really am dying to try.  I have been stressed and anxiety ridden lately.  Crocheting helps me relax.  Even when my stitches and counts get messed up somehow and I have to rip out some rows.  My grandma taught me how to crochet a chain stitch and single crochet when I was still in the single digit years.  I taught myself more in my 20's made a few things, learned how to do a little knitting and cross stitch.  I stopped for YEARS.  But started back up again mostly in the cooler weather until this year when I needed a de-stresser and nothing else was working.  Even this only works while I am actually crocheting it doesn't help during my "non-crochet" hours.  Well that's it for now on this beautiful Saturday morning in NJ.  I might add some pictures later of my WIPs. 

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  1. you haven't blogged in a while and I haven't checked my feedly in a while! Change your profile intro.... your daughter hasn't been fifteen in eons! :)