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Friday, February 4, 2011

Ah Sweet February.

I love Valentine's Day.  Not because of the Hubby but because I just love my daughter!  Ever since she was little i would ask her weeks before if she would Be My Valentine because I always wanted to be the first! She is now almost 16 and I asked her last week (she has a boyfriend now *cringe*) she said  I didn't start making the Valentine's cards I plan on making but maybe this weekend.  I do have a picture of my daughter's scarf! (Well I did promise pictures... ;oP)  Next-scarf for my niece and I don't know I am looking for SOMETHING to occupy my mind.... :o/

The Girlie in her New Scarf.

Close-Up of Galaxy Stitch

Ok this is my first Linky Party....I have no idea how to do the button! I am sucha NOOB!  So here is a link...
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