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Saturday, January 29, 2011

And she gets one in before January is done! WooHoo!!! ;oP

Well here it is and January is almost over,which is GOOD because I HATE winter but BAD because I haven't blogged since NOVEMBER.  I am SO not good at this whole blogging thing!  I am GREAT at reading them  Even If I let a day or two go by I will go through my ENTIRE list until I hit one I remember!  I know I should be doing something more productive with my time so I could SHARE something with you here!  Well I have been doing a few things...let's see I made two scrap layouts, I've made a few scarves (I only have a picture of one right now... :o/ ), and....hmmmm....ok so maybe that's it but it was the holiday's and and and....yeah I have NO excuse except non-motivation.  So what am I working on now?  I am almost done making a scarf for my daughter with a Galaxy Stitch I got the pattern free here , they have some GREAT patterns free if you just sign up for their newsletter, I am going to change it up some I am planning on making a border using a picot stitch I picked up watching a youtube video here, she does some wonderful tutorials! I would be done with this scarf already if my daughter didn't decide every time she tries it on that she'd like it a little longer! Good thing I LOVE  OK so what else....I have a few pictures that I am working on layouts for one of my daughter and niece when they were toddlers, it is a favorite picture of mine so I am really taking my time with the layout, which means what? taking a few months instead of just one?...LOL  probably!!!  I will be making Valentine's Day cards for a couple of my favorite children hopefully this week and not the DAY before!!! After I finish my daughters scarf I am starting one for my niece her's shouldn't take TOO long because she is just a little peanut so that is a tiny scarf! She would like it to be and I quote "Light Pink, Dark Purple with a little White".  She is VERY bossy for a 5 year  I am getting off easy because when I asked her if she'd like me to make her a scarf she asked me if i could make her a jacket...LOL.  When I told her I am not sure I am capable of making her a jacket(especially since I don't own a sewing she said..."Ok well then you can make me a scarf".  She is SUCH a cutie!!! Of course if I make her a scarf I then have to think of something to make for her twin brother because I can't give something to one and not the other!!! He is just as much of a CUTIE and not as  I also told my daughter's friend I would make her a scarf so I will be working on that too!  Hmmmm....I better get moving before it's spring and I am still working on scarves...LOL.  Well I am going to TRY to be more diligent with this blog I SWEAR who knows maybe I could even get a few followers if I figure out what I'm doing....LOL  Well I will be back SOON (no really) and even post pictures!! I know, I know PROMISES PROMISES .... but this time I am serious...  ;o) <3

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