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Sunday, August 7, 2011

UGH!!! :oP

Ok... I didn't want the entire month of July to go by without even doing ONE blog! But that is exactly what happened. UGH!!!  I have been a horrible blogger lately.  Barely reading the blogs I follow.  Not posting anything.  I could blame it on summer.  But I haven't been doing all that much summer "stuff".  I mean the occasional trip to the beach or water park...sure.  But that pretty much sums up my summer.  ONE trip to Great Adventure or as the youngsters call it Six Flags.  Working eh...sometimes.  Crafting??? Not much at all ...except for some ankle bracelets for the girls and a bracelet and necklace or two.  No pictures .... oh I may have one on my phone...of the necklace.  I am just BLAH ....which I hate because I love summer! Like now I should be gearing up for the concert I am going to on August 13th....Kenny Chesney's Goin' Coastal Tour featuring Zac Brown Band!!! It is going to be a great concert!  Kenny Chesney does a great concert. I went to the one in 2009 it couldn't have been better!  See don't I sound excited?  But I'm just not feeling the excitement yet.  Not for anything.  The STRESS of the "real" world is getting to me.  I need to meditate or something!!!! But that would take motivation....and I just got nothin...  I am hoping to catch up soon....but now that my laptop is broken it will probably be later then sooner......who knows with me I am so RANDOM.  :o)  bbs

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