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Saturday, September 17, 2011

What a week!

It is a beautiful Saturday in September.  Just cool enough to where a sleeve but not so cool that you need a jacket.  Last Saturday it was also a beautiful day that is until the car accident!  I mean nothing like turning a gorgeous warm Saturday to crap with an accident and a trip to the emergency room!  And can I tell you the emergency room soon as we came in the ambulance entrance.....smelled like a toilet! GROSS! I mean shouldn't those places smell better then THAT?  I do have to say the people were really nice albeit a bit slow moving.  But I won't judge since they could have been helping people worse off then us.  Our EMTs were awesome!  Nice guys and got the job done.  I just thank the Lord my daughter wasn't in the car with us.  She is just learning to drive and that might have scared her a little.  The accident by the way was totally not our fault! Some older man was not paying attention and rear ended a car making a left turn sending him into our lane! And my husband with his super quick reflexes got as far over and out of the way possible before the car spun into us.  We are both okay for the most part.  Just aches and pains.  Mine went away in a few days and well my husband's are lingering a little.  So after that end of last week/beginning of this week my husband's truck breaks down on the way to work on Thursday!  Did I mention that last Saturday we were headed to look at a used truck for him before we were "side tracked"???  Yep one crappy thing after another it seems lately.  But lets look at the good things so far for September... My daughter started her junior year of High School.  Oh wait is this good?  That means I am getting also mean I was a junior 30 YEARS ago!!! doesn't seem like  My niece and nephew started kindergarten!  They are so cute! And they seem to be doing good so far.  My nephew is a little bored but I am hoping this will pass.  They are so cute they got math "homework" and wanted to keep going in there workbooks.  I did mention to my SIL not to expect that to happen as they get  Well I guess I'll go do something productive with my Saturday...yep you guessed it we are going truck shopping *cringe*! Wish me luck hopefully we actually make it to a dealer today!!!

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  1. what???? must have missed it on facebook. Glad you guys are okay!!! You are not old and shhhhhhh.... could it really have been 30 years ago??? That actually makes me kind of sad.